Dionne Corona:
Certifications: Esthetician/Facial Waxing Specialist/Eyebrow Artist
Tenure: Dionne has provided clients with her professional services for over 20 years now. She specializes in facials with minimal redness and party ready results. Dionne uses measurements that fit your face frame to give you the most perfectly shaped brows you've ever had.
Specialties: Customized facials and Eyebrow Shaping. 

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Dionne Corona's eyebrow gallery.
Before                                                                                  After
The above client had suffered an eyebrow injury where she has a scar on her left eyebrow. Using a special technique in eyebrow artistry she can have perfect looking brows naturally and show no signs of scaring what so ever.
Before                                         After
With the above client we shaped the brow we used Indelible Brow pencil and Brow Fix to fill in any gaps. This left her brows looking thicker and more symmetrical.
Before                                                                                   After
Before                                                                                   After
This client had auburn hair that didn't match her chestnut brows. We used Dionne's Brow pencil along with Brow fix gel to achive the color and shape we desired.
The above client needed help regrowing and getting her brows to be more symmetrical. This is the finished product after only 2 months of shape and sculpting.